About Simon Davies

This blog was born from 3 parents (is that possible these days); 

1. An outlet to release tensions built up from the onset of middle age 

2. The labyrinth of weird consequences that are becoming present from the 2020 COVID 19 pandemic and, most importantly, 

3. A nod to life itself where it seems to me that the decisions we make, as often as not, create unintended consequences which are often more impactful than the intended consequences. 

In a world of pulp fiction, I try hard to anchor my blogs in facts not just opinion but there are liberal servings of home grown, probably deeply misguided stuff in there too. I apologise in advance for errors & omissions.   

Confirmation bias makes us all gravitate to views that support our existing opinions. So, if you agree with my ramblings – mazeltov. But I really love the doubters and cynics who get as riled by me as I did in the first place when writing this stuff.  

I grew up in 1970’s Northern England which was in the process of moving from black and white to colour – grey grimy cities with the remnants of their industrial & war time past surrounded by the technicolour of stunning countryside. Rationing had only ended 16 years before I was born & the country, unhelpfully, went bankrupt when I started school. People greeted you on the street & talked with no spin & never said ‘like’ or ‘dude’. Aspiration was something Americans did. Kids stayed out till it got dark. I don’t think it was better than now – I am no fantasist for time gone by – do we really want to go back to scurvy, racism & women not having the vote? But I do recognise that life, however financially restricted, was somehow easier, perhaps more binary in its expectations, pathways & aspirations.  We had fewer choices & much less information to get in the way of living. And so, here in the ‘twenties’ I can’t help myself get passionate about the unintended consequences of 50 years of change that has created this complicated and often scary world we now inhabit. 

Simon Davies

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