Brexit Bus

The hypocrisy of politicians shouldn’t really surprise me anymore, but I carry the vestiges of hope that we could return to an era where a public statement is rooted in at least some fact. The photo accompanying this blog is more apposite now, when the spotlight is firmly on health services across the world, than ever before. It was a disingenuous disgrace that the current UK PM led a charge in 2016 to suggest that a good reason for Brexit was to channel our EU membership fees into the UK health service instead. In point of fact in this COVID era, an unintended consequence of our near complete departure from EU was that the UK missed participating in the largest healthcare order in peacetime (the email got lost …) So, rather than stand a chance of funnelling any money we might save next year into the UK NHS, instead we have probably lost lives because of not having enough kit, kit which would have been available to us more readily had we stayed alongside our EU brothers & sisters and centrally procured those essential items like PPE and ventilators. #NHSneedsEU

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