Heathrow started life as London airport in 1946 and by 1966 adopted the ‘Heathrow’ brand. Until COVID it carried about 80m passengers a year making it easily 1 of the top 10 busiest in the world. 40% of UK exports to non-EU countries transited Heathrow & at last count 76,000 people worked there.  Over the last 8-9 decades, the airport has expanded and is a global success story. But weirdly for all the shiny new terminal buildings and constant roadworks, there are only 2 runways, both operating with only a 90 second gap between landings or departures. For years plans abounded to create a 3rd runway and nothing happened. Then a joined-up strategy was created that had, as its centrepiece, the creation of 77000 new jobs & a £61bn boost to the local economy. Responding (disproportionately) to climate change, environmental & local resident concerns, as recently as February 2020, a British court ruled the Government’s decision to allow a new runway to be unlawful. Track forward a couple of months, just when the UK needs every possible advantage to help it recover from COVID and BREXIT, the main leg of the stool at Heathrow keeping trade flowing in and out of the UK has been sawn off & the campaigners are now silent to the plight of the thousands of families who rely on the airport for their living, the millions of entrepreneurs now unable to trade & the removal of all those desperately needed new jobs. #SwallowYourPride 

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