There is a peculiar British expression – Hobson’s Choice. Essentially it describes a choice offered when there is no choice! HS2 is a UK engineering project on a massive scale designed to improve an ageing rail network particularly connecting some of the top 5 largest cities with faster trains. The latest cost estimate is £106bn and so you can be sure that the final bill will be twice that, at least. Until the start of 2020, this was the project nobody could see the point of – improving a train journey time over 300km by 10minutes didn’t seem a big win when set against the costs and build time. Very few of us saw an altruistic benefit of such a large scale 20year+ project like this when repeated attempts to expand the airport capacity got stuck in the mud. However now, the UK economy is likely to host the largest number of unemployed workers in its recent history & so now what looked like a vanity project for a relatively rich UK government now is an essential Keynesian economic policy necessary to soak up unemployed workers and it’s Hobson’s choice for all of us whether we need the rail lines or not. And no-one expected that to be a consequence of an expensive white elephant. #createjobs        

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