Scotland 2030

May 2030 will see Scotland devolved from the union of the UK and a full member of the ‘other’ union – the EU. It will govern itself entirely from Edinburgh and have a hard border to England. Able to apply for EU financial assistance across the board, whilst still contributing as per EU rules, Scotland will finally be addressing its fundamental challenges namely it’s appalling life expectancy age and myriad health issues. It will turbo charge its oil, gas and financial sectors & in the process will become a European tax haven with corporate and personal income tax rates below 20%. Tax collection rates will be over 99% & it will become a destination of choice for executives and economic migrants alike. Given its talented and huge international diaspora, it will use its EU kitemark to trade globally like never before.  The only thing that probably won’t change for the better is the weather! Did those Brexiteers really think through the consequences…#BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor

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