Says it all really doesn’t it. The use of a term that dates back to radio waves first found in the 1880’s is common parlance for the most modern and relied upon technologies e.g. the internet in our world today. But the internet, reliant as it is on wires and wireless technology, a lot of it rooted in old tech understanding and protocol, has done a remarkable job in the last 2 months. Just as we’re bemoaning the inability of so many of our relied upon physical services to cope with COVID lockdown the internet has experienced 40-100%+ increases in traffic whilst delivering download speeds only 10-20% slower than before. Frustrating as these delays can be whilst we all sit on our google/Microsoft/zoom calls, we have made a shift of working practises in 8 weeks that would have taken 8 years normally. All powered by the connectivity we have to each other and those packets of bytes traveling at 300,000 km/s. It is easy to become disillusioned about everything when most of the news we digest is about death, but the internet is a shining beacon of hope – connecting the elderly often the first time, delivering world class entertainment, facilitating social contact and ground-breaking education solutions. For 25 years, the internet appeared discretionary, now it’s compulsory. We got lucky, many internet companies built extra capacity last year so that could handle the slew of sporting competitions due in 2020 & now Governments will never again under invest in the roll out of internet connectivity and the health of the companies making the picks and shovels supplying that gold rush of investment is assured. Even democracy will get a fillip with voting from home becoming a reality for the democratic world.  #LoveInternet 

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