Eradicate COVID-19 With Data!

This time folks, I want to take a look at the COVID-19 pandemic purely through the lens of data. The news reports ebb and flow and government advice around the world appears to change by the day. I wondered if trying to take all the emotion and hyperbole out of the situation would help develop... Continue Reading →

Modern Slavery

My mind meanders around this topic a lot. Essentially, consumerism appears to have evolved to wanting really cheap stuff whatever the consequences. Perhaps the recent example of Boohoo group’s near-collapse from being prodigal UK retailer solidified your point of view, it certainly has mine. I must admit to some trepidation writing this blog, I don’t... Continue Reading →

Digital Nomads

Far from being the anti-social beach bums sporting Aviators and MacBooks often portrayed in the media, Digital Nomads are increasingly populating the engine room of commerce. I think they may very well be the key that unlocks global recovery from economic COVIDitis. These boys and girls can indeed ply their trade sitting on a beach,... Continue Reading →

School Safety

Around the developed world a debate is raging - when, how and why should schools re-start before the summer break. Many local authorities are defying central governments and now, the spectre of the past, unions are getting stuck in. Different professions are even stepping in to support educators claiming that it is premature to be... Continue Reading →

Armchair sports-fan

Far from being a slightly derogatory description compared to the die-hard, all weather fan who travels the globe in support of their passion, we are all now going to be watching our sporting heroes via streaming and TV channels. It’s hard to see how filling a stadium, roadside or venue with fans will happen anytime... Continue Reading →

Aviation safety

Aviation faced a tough gig anyway after 346 lives were lost on Boeing 737 max jets between October 2018 and March 2019.  But an unintended consequence of COVID lockdowns is the destruction, temporarily, of 1 of the fastest growth segments of the global economy; namely air travel for passengers and cargo. This is even more... Continue Reading →


Born in the USA in 1958, the Advanced Research Projects Agency exists to channel funding to big innovations. In the last 60 years, ground-breaking funding has kick-started the internet, personal computers, GPS, autonomous vehicles & space travel to name just 5 biggies. Of course, a lot of money, billions in fact was also spent on... Continue Reading →

Brexit Bus

The hypocrisy of politicians shouldn’t really surprise me anymore, but I carry the vestiges of hope that we could return to an era where a public statement is rooted in at least some fact. The photo accompanying this blog is more apposite now, when the spotlight is firmly on health services across the world, than... Continue Reading →

Challenger Banks

In the last few years, challenger banks sprang up in the UK marketplace offering customer friendly app & online based solutions and alternatives to the legacy banks. But most are still unable to provide meaningful lending solutions and so find it hard to step into the current breach immediately and win over customers desperate for... Continue Reading →

Death data – COVID 19

I believe that the global focus on finding solutions to COVID 19 will succeed. However, this singular focus on one virus has placed in stark relief the heinous lack of attention over many decades to much more potent killers that end the lives of millions of people each & every year. Thanks to Our World... Continue Reading →

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