There is a peculiar British expression – Hobson’s Choice. Essentially it describes a choice offered when there is no choice! HS2 is a UK engineering project on a massive scale designed to improve an ageing rail network particularly connecting some of the top 5 largest cities with faster trains. The latest cost estimate is £106bn... Continue Reading →


Even before COVID, the North of England has had more than its fair share of economic challenges in the last 40 years. Declining heavy industry and mining account for the long lasting social and economic damage still experienced in many locations that have struggled to reinvent and feel forgotten by a London based government. Science... Continue Reading →


Heathrow started life as London airport in 1946 and by 1966 adopted the ‘Heathrow’ brand. Until COVID it carried about 80m passengers a year making it easily 1 of the top 10 busiest in the world. 40% of UK exports to non-EU countries transited Heathrow & at last count 76,000 people worked there.  Over the... Continue Reading →

Scotland 2030

May 2030 will see Scotland devolved from the union of the UK and a full member of the ‘other’ union - the EU. It will govern itself entirely from Edinburgh and have a hard border to England. Able to apply for EU financial assistance across the board, whilst still contributing as per EU rules, Scotland... Continue Reading →


Says it all really doesn’t it. The use of a term that dates back to radio waves first found in the 1880’s is common parlance for the most modern and relied upon technologies e.g. the internet in our world today. But the internet, reliant as it is on wires and wireless technology, a lot of... Continue Reading →

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