Living With John Lewis

One of the most divisive unintended consequences of UK government policy protecting the country’s green and pleasant lands from development for the last 50 years is that there aren’t enough places being built for an increasing population to live in. For readers outside the UK sometimes confused as to why British property prices appear to... Continue Reading →

Liberty, the most important fatality of COVID

Regular readers will be in no doubt that I vehemently disagree, with bile rising, with the concept of lock-downs & circuit breakers, indeed any reduction in civil or economic liberty, as a means to manage epidemics or pandemics. I defer to Swedish Head Epidemiologist, Anders Tegnell who said recently ‘most countries have sacrificed science for... Continue Reading →

School Safety

Around the developed world a debate is raging - when, how and why should schools re-start before the summer break. Many local authorities are defying central governments and now, the spectre of the past, unions are getting stuck in. Different professions are even stepping in to support educators claiming that it is premature to be... Continue Reading →

Death data – COVID 19

I believe that the global focus on finding solutions to COVID 19 will succeed. However, this singular focus on one virus has placed in stark relief the heinous lack of attention over many decades to much more potent killers that end the lives of millions of people each & every year. Thanks to Our World... Continue Reading →


Even before COVID, the North of England has had more than its fair share of economic challenges in the last 40 years. Declining heavy industry and mining account for the long lasting social and economic damage still experienced in many locations that have struggled to reinvent and feel forgotten by a London based government. Science... Continue Reading →

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