Brexit Bus

The hypocrisy of politicians shouldn’t really surprise me anymore, but I carry the vestiges of hope that we could return to an era where a public statement is rooted in at least some fact. The photo accompanying this blog is more apposite now, when the spotlight is firmly on health services across the world, than... Continue Reading →

Scotland 2030

May 2030 will see Scotland devolved from the union of the UK and a full member of the ‘other’ union - the EU. It will govern itself entirely from Edinburgh and have a hard border to England. Able to apply for EU financial assistance across the board, whilst still contributing as per EU rules, Scotland... Continue Reading →

State Sponsored Nationalism

Nationalism was already on the rise and not just the welcome variety of pride in one’s nation and achievements. No, the unpleasant and destructive underbelly of nationalism is now seemingly acceptable as we become more & more selfish under the banner of protecting ourselves from the COVID virus. Asians faced racism in January, then Iranians... Continue Reading →

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