Digital Nomads

Far from being the anti-social beach bums sporting Aviators and MacBooks often portrayed in the media, Digital Nomads are increasingly populating the engine room of commerce. I think they may very well be the key that unlocks global recovery from economic COVIDitis. These boys and girls can indeed ply their trade sitting on a beach,... Continue Reading →


Born in the USA in 1958, the Advanced Research Projects Agency exists to channel funding to big innovations. In the last 60 years, ground-breaking funding has kick-started the internet, personal computers, GPS, autonomous vehicles & space travel to name just 5 biggies. Of course, a lot of money, billions in fact was also spent on... Continue Reading →

Challenger Banks

In the last few years, challenger banks sprang up in the UK marketplace offering customer friendly app & online based solutions and alternatives to the legacy banks. But most are still unable to provide meaningful lending solutions and so find it hard to step into the current breach immediately and win over customers desperate for... Continue Reading →


There is a peculiar British expression – Hobson’s Choice. Essentially it describes a choice offered when there is no choice! HS2 is a UK engineering project on a massive scale designed to improve an ageing rail network particularly connecting some of the top 5 largest cities with faster trains. The latest cost estimate is £106bn... Continue Reading →


Says it all really doesn’t it. The use of a term that dates back to radio waves first found in the 1880’s is common parlance for the most modern and relied upon technologies e.g. the internet in our world today. But the internet, reliant as it is on wires and wireless technology, a lot of... Continue Reading →

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