Fight Or Flight

Readers of our blog ‘The Social Contract’ could view this article as part II & you never know it might become a trilogy!     I want to address the concept of living & working where you are treated best rather than enduring a degrading environment & being treated worst. British culture in common with many nations,... Continue Reading →

Winter Of Discontent #2

Sometimes bad news permeates & seeps into our consciousness over a period of time.  I refer here to the gradual worsening of supply of goods & utilities across the UK and parts of Europe that has been gathering pace in the last few months. During the last few weeks the UK, which, as an island,... Continue Reading →

The Truth About BREXIT

I voted to remain so I lost the vote and argument. But losing doesn’t stop me from exploring the madness with you. Losing has been rather cathartic because it encourages, nee, forces analysis of what we could do to make the best of the UK’s new status. So now the truth bit… 1. Despite the... Continue Reading →

Downing Street Delusion

Perhaps you’ve also been astounded by the volume of ineptitude emanating from No 10 Downing Street, the home of the British Government, in recent months.  Democracy suggests that we get the politicians we deserve and if that’s true then British society really must be in a bad place. I am in no doubt that the... Continue Reading →

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