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Fight Or Flight

Readers of our blog ‘The Social Contract’ could view this article as part II & you never know it might become a trilogy!     I want to address the concept of living & working where you are treated best rather than enduring a degrading environment & being treated worst. British culture in common with many nations,... Continue Reading →

Winter Of Discontent #2

Sometimes bad news permeates & seeps into our consciousness over a period of time.  I refer here to the gradual worsening of supply of goods & utilities across the UK and parts of Europe that has been gathering pace in the last few months. During the last few weeks the UK, which, as an island,... Continue Reading →

Don’t Get Old In The UK!

In the last few days, the British Government announced a supposedly ‘radical’ upheaval to the provision of social care in England. For ease, we can define social care as the delivery of residential care for the elderly when it becomes impossible or inadvisable for the individual to stay in their own home. The UK has... Continue Reading →


Amidst the human tragedy seen throughout Afghanistan in August 2021 as the Taliban forces wrested control from the pro-western government, is a powerful financial machine which funds the Islamists & explains why it was possible to take over, in less than 2 weeks, a country with 40m people. The Talibank is alive and well. A... Continue Reading →

Anti-Social Media

It was a halcyon dream wasn’t it, the creation of a parallel universe of browser and app based communities that we could all join on demand. No entry fees, effectively VIP passes into all global digital bars, clubs, pubs & meeting places. Not only could we meet our friends and family physically now we could... Continue Reading →

Living With John Lewis

One of the most divisive unintended consequences of UK government policy protecting the country’s green and pleasant lands from development for the last 50 years is that there aren’t enough places being built for an increasing population to live in. For readers outside the UK sometimes confused as to why British property prices appear to... Continue Reading →

The Overton Window

Talk to anyone of a similar generation to the sadly departed UK’s Duke of Edinburgh (husband & consort of HRH Queen Elizabeth) and they bemoan the lack of quality in the political ruling class we seem to have these days. I’ve been fascinated by this generational comparison of politicians for quite a while & I... Continue Reading →

Electric cars – Betamax or VHS?

Our ‘silver fox’ readers will remember the battle in the 1970's and 1980’s to be the dominant video format. Despite being a better product with better visual quality, Betamax lost the battle to VHS and the rest is history. I believe this story is analogous to finding the likely winners and losers in the race... Continue Reading →

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